Courses at UC Davis Taught by Bruce Rannala

EVE 231. Principles of Biological Data Analysis (3) Lecture–2 hours; laboratory–3 hours. Introduction to the principles of data analysis, experimental design, statistical modeling, inference, and hypothesis tests. Statistical methods of particular importance in biological applications will be emphasized. Examples will be presented from the fields of ecology and evolutionary genetics.
Draft of 4 chapters of a book (based on notes developed for EVE231)

EVE 131. Human Genetic Variation and Evolution (3) Lecture—3 hours. Prerequisite: Biological Sciences 1B or 2B. Introduction to genome-wide nucleotide sequence variation in human populations and computational methods for its analysis. Topics to include forensics, disease gene mapping, and studies of human evolutionary history. Misuses, such as eugenics, and ethical/legal issues will be discussed.
EVE 131 Course Notes (Partial)

MCB 10. Introduction to Human Heredity (4) Lecture—3 hours; discussion—1 hour. Topics in human heredity and human gene structure and function, including the genetic basis of human development, causes of birth defects, mental retardation, genetic diseases, sexual determination, development, and behavior. GE credit: SciEng.